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Singing in Sydney

So I finally hit the streets and gave busking in Sydney a try. Yesterday was my first day and I've got to say I was absolutely terrified. It was probably one of the most intimidating things I've ever done setting up on a street corner in a city I barely know, not to mention a foreign country. I felt like I was about 2 feet tall. I sang in an outdoor shopping mall in the business district while men in suits swarmed by me heading back to work from their lunch breaks. After an hour of singing (which felt like eternity) I hadn't made a single dollar. I had never busked and made absolutely nothing. I left and headed back to my hostel on the verge of tears feeling completely defeated. When I got back to my room I had a good cry session and threw myself a total pity party and then remembered some good advice my Dad gave me. He once told me "Leigh if something doesn't make you nervous, it probably isn't worth doing". So I decided I was going to get back on the bike and try riding again today. I also had a visit from my dear friend Tim in a dream last night and he told me not to be scared and to keep singing. I headed back downtown today but started later in the day than I had yesterday. With my dad and Tim in the back of my mind (and Tim's ashes in my guitar bag) I found a street corner close to town square and set up to play. And hooray!! I made enough money to pay for my room and my dinner and i have a purse full of two dollar coins. It made me remember why I'm on this trip: to step out of my comfort zone and use my music as a way to see new places. I went back to the hostel feeling proud. I sang my heart out and didn't give in to my fear. My new goals: to always be brave, to shake it off when I feel small, and to remember this life is a dream and I want to see and do as much as I can before I wake up from it.

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