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Byron Bay

'I havent seen the stars at night

Since I got to this continent.

I hear the Southern Cross is so nice.

I think it's time I hop a train,

grab my guitar

and head to Byron Bay.

Sunshine kisses cooled by ocean tides.' -Leigh Guest

After 2 months of Asutralian cities, I hopped on a train and rode 10 hours north to Byron Bay. What a beautiful place! There were street performers everywhere and art shops and live music at small cafes and breweries. Had an amazing hike up to the famous light house and watched my favorite Australian sunset yet on a white sand beach. I stayed in a tent colony just outside of town where over 200 people live full time in tents and TPs. The best part was finding a wad of cash on my way to the buss stop to head back to Sydney. The cash amount totaled my travel expenses in Byron Cay. What a win!

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