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Goodbye Montana, Hello Road

Had yet another amazing night of music. So


many people I love showed up at The Frenchman And Me and the time passed so quickly. Before I knew it I had been playing for 4 hours!

Ammie Freymeyer got up and sang a few songs with me and Georgeanne Casteel rocked thr house like she always does. Pat Show is coming with me on the road so the hard work begins tomorrow when we start putting together a set list of songs for her to sing.

Aspecial thanks to Tim Hefner for always taking such good care of me in Wolf Creek. Most of my meals and showers come from you and you're always the first to sing along to me horrible Meatloaf cover. I love THe Frenchman And Me!

Off to bed now, with another big thank you to Jackie and Bob for letting me sleep in their spare bedroom. Two nights in a row of a heater and a bed make me a very happy girl indeed!

XOXO, Leigh

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