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By Karen Newfield

November 30, 2019

Once upon a time a seed began to grow out of the highway of the historic, Old Seven Mile Bridge. This now unused bridge, built in the early 1900s as part of the Florida Keys Over-the-Sea Railroad, filled with concrete and rusting beams couldn’t possibly sustain life. Or could it?

Leigh Guest, a part time Keys resident, noticed Fred on her very first visit. It amazed Guest that anyone who passed this tree could barely suppress a smile and a wave. Following her mother’s advice, Guest poured her feelings into words and art, and Fred the Tree came to life. Each and every page is an intricate cut paper illustration, sharing Fred’s story.

Guest is also a talented acoustic guitarist, singer, songwriter, performing and living on the road for the last decade. Guest has traveled the United States and abroad entertaining her fans. Shows vary from family-friendly to adult only, but her tunes bring joy and laughter to all. Check out her latest albums, “42 Bridges” and “Hot Mess,” at And don’t miss the fabulous Fred-inspired song, appropriately named “7 Mile Fred!” All her music can be downloaded on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon. To add to the fun, Guest has also designed a clothing collection inspired by life in the Florida Keys, 42 Bridges Apparel, featuring fun and stylish T-shirts, tank tops, beach bags and accessories. Find those at

Guest will be donating a portion of book sales to the Turtle Hospital in Marathon. “Fred the Tree” can be found at various stores and restaurants throughout the Florida Keys such as Food For Thought, Sweet Savannah’s and Faro Blanco Resort and Yacht Club, just to name a few. You can also pick up the book and meet the author at the Big Pine & Lower Keys Island Art Festival located at Lower Keys Chamber Grounds from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 30, 2019.

Fred the Tree is a welcome sight as you drive over or under the 7 Mile Bridge. Fred lifts spirits young and old and so does this unstoppable, talented singer, songwriter, and artist, Leigh Guest. Don’t miss the opportunity to see her perform live locally and meet this talented young lady who is sure to make you smile!


About the Book
His name is Fred and alone he stands, welcoming fish and birds, families and friends to this idyllic chain of islands, the beloved Florida Keys. Birds make nests, boaters wave and when Hurricane Irma blew her mighty winds, Fred stood strong, providing hope and faith when the community needed it most. This beautifully illustrated book by local debut author Leigh Guest is a timeless tale shining a bright light on the astounding nature and beauty surrounding each and every one of us. This simple message of miracles can be enjoyed by all ages, 0-100.


December 19, 2016

Radio Feature Ghost Ship - Leigh Guest
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Tribute song Ghost Ship and interview of composer Leigh Guest and videographer Anthoy D'Juan were featured on KCBS Radio in San Francisco, CA.  The song and interview were played every hour from noon until 2:00AM. 

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