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December 19, 2016

Tribute song Ghost Ship and interview of composer Leigh Guest and videographer Anthoy D'Juan were featured on KCBS Radio in San Francisco, CA.  The song and interview were played every hour from noon until 2:00AM. 

Radio Feature Ghost Ship - Leigh Guest
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GREAT FALLS TRIBUNE                                                         PETE SWANSON  August 13, 2014

Singer-songwriter brings eclectic mix to Zone

Singer-songwriter Leigh Guest makes her Electric City debut at the Loading Zone on Wednesday. The 28-year-old California native appears at 9 p.m.


Playing acoustic guitar, Guest presents audiences a mix of original music and cover material that spans mostly country and singer-songwriter artists, including Miranda Lambert, Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood, Little Big Town, Colbie Caillat, Anna Nalick, Josh Ritter, Missy Higgins and Mike Rosenberg from Passenger.


“I throw a bunch of variety in there, so there’s something for everyone,” Guest says. “I like to have fun with the audience and try to make them part of the music. My voice is really unique so I try to throw in songs that people wouldn’t expect me to do,” she adds, noting her vocal style is both “quirky and sultry.”


Guest describes her original music as “acoustic singer-songwriter with a bit of a folk influence.” Her lyrics examine and interpret people and places based on personal experiences.


“I try to tell stories in the songs that I write,” she explains. “I’m very honest with my lyrics, so I try not to leave anything out.”


Guest was born in Berkeley, Calif., and raised in Sacramento. She began teaching herself piano as a child and later tackled drums while attending high school and playing in a punk rock band. She’s been writing lyrics since she was a kid. After high school, she took a break from music until she moved to the Big Island, Hawaii, at age 25 and began learning ukulele.

“That was when I really got zoned in on my songwriting and started taking it pretty seriously,” she recalls. “Hawaii for me just really helped me find myself and find my music.”


While in Hawaii regenerating her musical energy, Guest performed on a cruise ship for six months that served the islands exclusively. The experience inspired a 10-song CD titled “One More Sailing Song.” She later moved to Las Vegas where she performed for tips as a street musician for three months.


Guest moved to Montana in May to work as a bartender at The Frenchman and Me in Wolf Creek. She had worked at the popular canyon watering hole for several summers previously. She now considers Wolf Creek and Montana home — for the time being, at least.


“The style of music that I play has been more successful here than anywhere else I’ve been,” Guest proclaims. “I love it in Montana. It’s my happy place.”